Pregnancy sessions

Everyone has such a different experience with pregnancy, and most women will say that each pregnancy they experience was different to the last. My personal experience was one of 8 months of serious morning sickness (I still shudder at the memory now).

Just as these experiences differ, so to peoples attitudes to having a pregnancy portrait session. It is worth considering that it does not have to be a Demi more style nude shot to document this stage of your life. What I mean is it really can be anything you want it to be, Some people like it as a shoot outdoors with their partner, for others it’s a personal shoot on their own. I can capture your pregnancy your way. I am fully aware that the majority of women do not feel at their best through pregnancy and the thought of having a photo shoot is the last thing on your mind.

But if your thinking that actually you may like to have a memento of this life and body changing experience, then I strongly recommend you to do it.

Those moments in our lives are pretty brief, although I would have sworn my pregnancy was more like nine years, than 9 months! But the thing about pregnancy, newborn, our little toddlers and all of it really is (now i’ll try to word this without sounding like my mum) is that it goes so fast and even though my little boy is still so young, all of the things I have as a record of him coming in to our lives are already becoming treasures.

Pregnancy shoots take place in your home or at any location of your choice, and I can help you tailor your shoot specifically to you. And for clothing, keep it simple, neutral, whites and blacks work best.


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