Children’s Sessions

Great fun, my strategy with little ones in particular is we can do what ever you want, I do not pose them I will just let be their cute little selves. Who said never work with kids anyway? you just have to know the secrets. If we have a few siblings, I might casually get them to sit for a few seconds together.

From 12 months up these sessions start at home, most of the shoots are split in two like this. It gives variety to the finished result and helps to build trust between me and my new little friends.

And then on to an outdoor location, think woods, riverside any local natural open space. Lets have an adventure, logs, trees, big puddles, snow, rain, hot days it all works well (it kind of has to in this country)

Need some inspiration?

Check out the location inspiration board on my pintrest page. Toni Ward - Pinterest Icon Blue

Not sure what to wear?

I have a board for that too. Toni Ward - Pinterest Icon Blue

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