Wedding Photography

How do you choose a Wedding photographer?


Make Sure you Get What You Want
When Looking for a photographer for your wedding there are a number of thing you really should take in to consideration. First and most importantly make sure you are getting exactly what you want. When your day is over and you return from your honeymoon, your photos are most likely to be one of the things you will be most looking forward to seeing as they will be the lasting memory you have of your wedding day, and in my view this makes getting the right photographer, who will fulfil your expectations a very wise investment.
After all of the planning and cost that goes in to organising your wedding day, all  that you are left with are your memories and hopefully a great set of images, which will tell the story of your day.
The next thing that you should be sure of is the actual coverage you are getting, a friend of mine who got married last year, thought they had a great deal with their photographer, until she disappeared shortly after the ceremony, no speeches, family or first dance photos. This left them feeling very let down and although they had a few nice images, the fact that they had so few was a real shame. Another friend felt that she wished she there had been more of her and her husband alone together, so make sure you do have a really good think about what it is you expect and don’t take for granted that all photographers are offering the same thing.
This leads me on to style, it is fair to say the choice of photographers available to you these days is overwhelming and if you are not sure exactly what it is that you like, then try to imagine your dream album or photos displayed within your home, if they are of you and your partner with groups of family, bridesmaids and ushers etc, then you are more of a traditionalist. If you love the images that will catch you off guard, a funny moment, shared smile, a more fly on the wall version of your wedding day then it is more likely you will like a more photojournalistic style.
I am definitely more of the latter, on the coverage and prices page you can get more info, so  if you feel that this may be what you are looking for then feel free to make an inquiry.

St john’s Hill festival

Welcome to the new website and blog page, I was at St John’s Hill festival on Sunday and had a great day with my first ever Toni Ward Photography stand!

It was a very busy day and I met, and chatted to some really interesting people. I was so busy that I didn’t get to see any of the other stalls, but as I was right next to the Fish club, I did see and their goldfish racing competition, a brilliant idea.

I ran a prize draw for a free photo session, and had loads of entries; the winner will be announced here on the blog page, next Friday 25th. So if you entered then don’t forget to check.

If this is your first visit here, then welcome, below I have posted my favourite blogs from the last twelve months, so that you can get a good idea of my style, and the kind of images you might get from one session. There are also four galleries on the website. If you would like any more info or to book a session, then just send me a message from the contact page, or give me a call.


Family photography in London

Sophia Friends And Family Photo shoot

After the rain we had on Friday, I thought we might have to pick our moment for this shoot in Enfield on Saturday. But we were blessed with a lovely day and two great locations, picked by bride to be Sophia, who booked this shoot so she could give her Mum, Dad and eight bridesmaids something special on her wedding day.

I am sure she will have fun picking her photo’s, and as I look through I really can’t believe  that is her Mum, I know people always say things like you two could be sisters… well if you look through, I am sure you will spot who I am talking about.