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Family photography in Kingston Surrey

The freel family had their session with us just in time before they moved home to Scotland with gorgeous one-year old twins Jude and Carys and their big sister Mischa. These images will be a lasting memory for the whole family of where they spent their early years with the children. We had lots of fun, first at home and then at Richmond park which is always a fab location. We would like to wish them all good luck and happiness in their new home.

Baby photography in Holland park London

This little man was one of my bump shoots a few months back, Nate was a very neat bump when I came to photograph his Mum Marina and Dad Richard. This baby holds a record for me, as he is the closest bump to birth I have ever photographed. He was born the very next day! I love that, I really can say that we had the bump at it’s most spectacular.

Nate is, as you will see below, adorable. Sometimes with baby’s you can just tell if they are a boy or girl from a really young age, and this little guy really had a little boyish look about him. So Cute. Mum Dad and Nate have moved back to Russia now, so I hope they are settling in well, and who knows we might see them again one day. View a slide show of the whole shoot, and my favorites below.

Part two Baby Photography in Oxshott Surrey

As promised in part one here are the pics of the lovely Issabella, as I arrived Mum Marie said she thought that Issabella looked like she was about to have a nap. and bless her after about five minutes and only her first costume change her little eyelids began to drop, so with a little gentle persuasion we got her in three different out fits and a number different poses, and despite really wanting to have that nap, she did not complain or cry. She did look at me a couple of times as to say  “are you still here? “. As you can see below Issabella is a beautiful baby,  and it’s her eyes for me that makes these images really stand out.
View a slide show of the whole shoot, and my favorites below.

Part 1 Pregnancy Photography in Surrey

This is part one of a two part series, from the heading i’m sure you can guess what part two will be about! This pregnancy shoot with Marie and Gren actually took place in June, but I thought it would be nice to wait until I had done the baby shoot to publish this blog.
Back in June when we were actually having a wonderful summer (remember that?) I went to Virginia Water with Marie and Gren, who were I think a little nervous about having their photo’s taken. These sessions were a gift to the couple from Gren’s sister Jill, and as with most of my grown up subjects I think they were a little unsure.
The special thing about what I do, is that I arrive camera in hand at very special moments in to peoples lives. Marie and Gren have much anticipated this baby (who actually had a name by now. Issabella.) and they rather reminded me of a couple of teenagers in love, this came through naturally in these images as you can see below, they are very sweet and Marie looks beautiful at the peak of her pregnancy. I enjoyed very much spending time with this couple, and was really looking forward meeting this bump. You wont have to wait the two months that I did, you will meet the gorgeous Issabella in my next blog. You can view a slide show of the whole shoot and see my favorites below.

Baby photography in Weybrige Surrey

This little angel was so much fun, Upon arriving Mum Helen let me know that they had not had the most restful night, little Eleanor had been awake most of the night, not crying or unwell but smiling and singing to herself. I am not sure Mum and Dad were as amused!

Despite this set back Eleanor was great, she is already such a bright baby and so aware. lovely images from a lovely family. Watch a slide show of the whole shoot, and check out my favorites below.

Children, baby and Family photography in Surrey

I had the pleasure of of taking the photographs of this family in surrey, they have a fantastic garden which is where most of the images are taken. With three gorgeous children of different ages is was quite a task to keep up and know who shoot next, but for me that is half the fun. I just love the results. Check out the images and slide show of the whole shoot below.

Baby and Family Photography in Cobham Surrey

This shoot took place in Weybridge Surrey, With Mum Amanda and Dad Matt and the very willing baby Alethea, this little girl as you can see below was brilliant, at a mere five months she is like a little Kate Moss in the making. Every shot she came up with a new expression, different but just as cute as the last. It was a struggle to edit them down. Just beautiful.

Family photography in Surrey

This was a great shoot with Mum Sue and Dad Alex in Ashstead Surrey, after spending some time at home with the cheeky roary and adorable Hannah, we went to Alex’s old school grounds, the reason I enjoyed this shoot so much is that it took no direction, I was just a an observer watching Sue and Alex have fun and play with their children…priceless.

Pregnancy and Family Photography Shoot in Surrey

Sherri is over eight months pregnant with her second baby, and it’s going to be a little girl, this shoot in Surrey was not only a pregnancy shoot but also a chance to get photos of her first child  2 year old Taylor. Sherri and her Husband Mark have the most wonderful garden, just  perfect for getting shots of Taylor, we fed the chickens, chased butterflies and found a few snails, and I followed Taylor around as he collected up what he had found  in his bucket. Sound idyllic? it was really. Surrey Photographer Toni Ward.

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Family Photographer in Surrey

Andrea contacted me as a conveniently located Surrey Photographer with a brief of family shots that showed the English countryside, she is the assistant head of lower school at  TASIS and has been here for 6 years, and is now going back home to America. So with her husband Greg and the completely adorable baby Lucas, she wanted something to remember her time in England that she has enjoyed so much. After shooting in the grounds of the school we set off to Windsor to get shots with the castle in the background, here are the results  I really like them. Andrea and Greg are a great couple and I wish them good luck with their move home.