New products and offers

Definitely my favourite new product for ages

So the latest new thing I’m really exited about is that I now have the ability to turn a gallery of images in to a custom mobile app for each client , you can have it on your iPhone or iPad, share via Facebook etc

Looks just like that when you open it, and you can enlarge and scroll through the images just like any touch screen device.


But the thing I really like about this is this, is that you have a bunch of gorgeous, professionally finished images on your phone to carry around with you, and next time you are talking about your little ones you can show them instantly to people, instead of searching through the 500 blurry images you have on your phone to find a good one. And 2 clicks and you can send to Grandma or anyone else who’s day who will be brightened up by it.

My Mum loves this as she can then show off to her friends about how cute he is now, and how big he is getting it’s such a cool thing, I love it!  obv I have it on my phone right now and am literally am showing it to EVERYONE! I don’t even care if it’s the Royal Mail man just trying to deliver me a parcel, look how cute my boy is!

And not to miss an opportunity to show it off again you can view it here:

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TADA Brand new website and a sale!

Before I mention the new site I must confess that I have been a shocking blogger of late…in fact my blogging ceased completely when I became pregnant with my beautiful boy, in my defence I was very sick for 6 months! and then when he arrived I just got kinda busy, you know how it is…..

Anyway, I am reformed and will be regularly posting lots of wonderful, and interesting stuff. As well as updates and pics from my shoots I will be posting a series on Mum’s in business, which as you might imagine focuses on Women who created businesses that have been inspired by having Children, I can’t wait to show you.

So, new website and branding, We have had a total makeover, and to celebrate this I am having a sale! Only a short one, it will start on Monday 1st of July for 48 hours, pop your email address in the follow us via email box just on the right and down a bit and you will get all of the deets, including the full low down on how to get  50% off.